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Welcome to Christian Study Tours

Welcome to Christian Study Tours

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Welcome to Christian Study Tours
Home Page!

Tours to the Lands of the Bible

Have you always wanted to go to the lands of the Bible? To see the land to which God led Abraham and his discendants and to which He brought the children of Israel out of bondage. To walk where Jesus walked, taught, died, and rose again. To see the beginnings of the early church in Israel and then on to Asia Minor (Turkey) and Greece in the footsteps of the apostles Paul and John. Now is your opportunity. Contact Christian Study Tours now by clicking Contact Us at the left of the page.

Meet the Tour Director and Bible Teacher

Your tour will be led by Dr. H. Wayne House. You will have the benefit of over thirty years of biblical and theological teaching by Dr. House, who has taught at several of the major Christian schools in the United States. Find out more about your tour director and Bible teacher by clicking About Dr. House at the left of the page.

Tour Reservations Being Taken for 2001 Study Tours.

Get in on a study tour to the lands of the Bible now. Trips are being organized for 2001 to Israel, Turkey, and Greece and another tour to Israel and Jordan. Contact Christian Study Tours now for more information by clicking Israel 2001 Tours at the left of the page.

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